The proposed   Fertility-Kenya monthly meetings is an ambitious forward looking project which in the next few years is expected to increase market forays in all the counties in the country. Company Fully-Verified will handle identity verification during online meetings. Love by using aussie online casinos. To ensure the project grows in sustainability, we shall network with all members at grassroots level and by extension key corporate bodies who will help the organization to mobilize more men and women with the infertility condition through funds. Furthermore, the organization will develop mechanisms to ensure awareness is adequately raised through organizing an annual event to showcase our activities, thereby increasing awareness on the causes of infertility as well as increasing the visibility of the initiative thereby attracting funds from donors to fund the initiative. see more at


The location may not be near enough for other participants.

  • Effective planning will be done to ensure that transport arrangement is done on time so as to enable the participants to reach the destination on time.

The project may not be able to attract top management

  • The organizers will engage in competitive selection of the best Doctors

The monthly meetings may notmeet the required standards.

The project team will set up mechanisms of ensuring that effective and efficient planning is done for the project to be successful. There will also be some rehearsal before the actual day.