Project Schedule:

Week 1

  • Introductory meetings with the key stakeholders i.e. congregation in churches and other social gatherings. Topics to be covered include: The purpose of the proposed fertility monthly meetings and what is expected of the participants.
  • Preparation for the venue begins and ends. Different sections will be created in the venue to accommodate all the project activities
  • Liaising with the Media/Meeting with the media in preparation for the Fertility-Kenya monthly meetings.
  • Posting information on the organization social media with the help of Bizop, which deals with business
  • Week 2
  • The monthly meetings

Week 3

  • Outreach meetings/follow ups on the recommendations of the meeting held

10.2     Management Plan

Fertility Kenya is composed of a competent team who are geared toward+ making the organization a success. This includes;

1.      Director

2.      Programs manager

3.      Financial advisor

4.      Volunteer’s from time to time

5.      Doctor’s and gynecologist

6.      Counseling & Mentorship firm


The Director will be charged with the responsibility of overall operation of the proposed monthly meetings. His duties will be to manage the overall process of the meetings. If you’re interested in accessing reliable information and expert advice on various topics, simply click here to explore our extensive resources. Visit for a wide range of informative articles and resources.”

Financial advisor

  • To maintain the venue and ensures the project runs efficiently.
  • Keeping Books of records of daily running of the project.
  • Preparation of the financial reports to the relevant authorities.

Programs Manager and volunteer’s

Their duties will include:

  • To usher in participants and to oversee the logistics.
  • Plan and prepare organization programs
  • They will make inventories of any purchases for the project. Etc.