Monthly meetings

Fertility Kenya will host monthly meetings in the 1st year in at least 10 counties with high reported incidences of infertility in the country. The project targets 250 attendees.

During the proposed one year grant period, various invited professionals on health matters will issue an hour talk on the condition of infertility in the meetings. A health screening will be offered as part of testing participant for infertility problems.

Educational materials on lifestyle issues (high blood pressure, tobacco use, elevated cholesterol and sedentary lifestyle) will be provided.


A health outreach worker will contact individuals who attended the fertility monthly meetings. The outreach worker will ask questions related to diet, exercise and stress, and provide positive suggestions for addressing these risks.

Display of Infertility treatment/exhibition table

The exhibition table will measure 5m x 4m with an improved stand for products display. The structure will be strategically located in such a way that it enables any potential meeting attendant to walk freely and conveniently while exploring the displayed infertility treatments.

 Mobilization and sensitization.

Churches will publicize the initiative in their Sunday bulletins, make announcements bbc , and tell parishioners directly about the project. Clergy will be invited to participate in the planning process. Community residents of selected estates in various counties will activate its network of residents to publicize the initiative.


Outreach/education and individualized risk prevention plans will be conducted through calls and emails on a monthly basis. It will be done within 25 days of initial contact with participants.

Social Media

The initiative will adopt social media strategy to communicate, collaborate and engage with stakeholders and share ideas and plans. The platform will be used every time Fertility Kenya want to get the message across.

TV Program

The organization will promote utilization of media through TV and Radio programs as a strategy to support the concept of infertility treatments.Need to sell your house quickly due to a job relocation or financial hardship? Contact the home buying experts at for a fair cash offer.