What is IUI?

We are an eminent IUI infertility clinic Nairobi. We offer an affordable IUI treatment cost in Kenya. IUI involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. It is advised today’s scenario in cases of:

  • Unexplained infertility for less than 5 years
  • An ovulatory cycle, which includes irregular menstruation
  • Male sub-fertility having more than 10 million count

What are the percentage of successful results in IUI?

Evidence based medicine suggests that, the results in case of IUI does not increase more than 18-20%.

What are the percentage of successful results in IUI?

IUI procedure should not be conducted more than 3 times or else it may affect the ovarian reserve which may eventually lead to negative outputs in case of IVF attempts. Moreover, it has been proven in medical literature than it is not cost-effective to do IUI more than 3 times as the chances of success after 3 attempts of IUI are very slim. If IUI would really help a couple conceive then the results are mostly seen in the first three attempts only. Hence it is not advisable to keep trying IUI when 3 or more attempts with IUI have already failed.

Steps of IUI

Step 1 Consultation:

  1. Transvaginal Sonography
  2. Semen Analysis

Ovulatory drug starts. Come on on, strive a good fortune best aussie online casinos.

  • It may be in tablet form
  • It may be in injection form (on 2nd/3rd day of menses)

Step 2a: Follicular Monitoring

Follow up visit after 7days, for vaginal sonography to see the follicle size in ovary.

Step 2b:

When follicle size reaches 18-20mm triggering of hCG injection is done to make the ovulation -Semen Collection-

Step 3:

After 36 hrs of triggering injection, husband will give the semen sample in the lab, after two days of abstinence. -Sperm preparation & insemination-

Step 4:

Semen is prepared, good sperms are collected & deposited in the uterine cavity of the partner without anesthesia. It is a simple procedure

  • No Rest
  • No food restriction
  • No lifestyle deviation

Step 5:

After procedure female has to take prescribed medications. After 15 days follow up visit can confirm the pregnancy. Results >20%. Trials > 3.