Development of an efficient monthly meetings platform

The initiative, if implemented  as planned will  contribute to development  of an efficient monthly meetings platform that enables individuals with problems related to infertility to access reliable, quality and affordable fertility treatment.

Increased awareness of infertility treatment

Through a well-managed exhibition   table of various treatment available for women and men   facing conception challenges, they are likely to, through word of mouth, encourage others on the option available for infertility condition.This will generate interest among other women facing the infertility challenge towards seeking treatment.

Development of a plan for a healthy lifestyle to reduce infertility levels put in place.

In collaboration with the leading hospitals in Kenya, through the meetings, Fertility-Kenya will provide a follow up education and develop an individualized plan to prevent future incidents of infertility among the local population.

Availability of infertility treatment for both men and women affected by infertility

Through information sharing and by extension provision of various medical treatments available for the condition, the initiative is geared towards giving hope and provides a chance of parenthood to all.